Renowned Currency Exchange Introduces Litecoin Trading to its Services


Renowned Currency Exchange Introduces Litecoin Trading to its Services

BTC China has become the second most popular currency exchange after BTC-e, to have been offering Litecoin trading – After being exceeded by Auroracoin by market cap, Litecoin is all set to climb the ladder once again! According to the latest reports, renowned currency exchange BTC China has introduced Litecoin trading options to its service, effective at the time of writing. The exchange has further furbished the services by charging 0% commission on Litecoin trades.

BTC China is the first major currency exchange platform after BTC-e to have been offering to trade Litecoin, a “silver” to “gold” Bitcoin.

BTC China also made an intriguing and exhilarating description of their new service by taking a note of its CEO Booby Lee’s blood-relation with the Litecoin Inventor Charles Lee. As the surname suggests, they both are brothers with Charles being the younger one. The animating fact is the similar relationship Bitcoin and Litecoin share, with latter being the younger version of the former. The BTC China’s main website page is also celebrating the same, with two hands displayed above the caption “Brother Reunited”.

“My brother has been a big advocate,” Lee said. “We really hope to spark the market for Litecoin trading in China. So for those people who know, that phrase is a play on words, because in some sense, Litecoin is also Bitcoin’s younger sibling when it comes to cryptocurrency. Dual meanings.”


The elder Lee also spoke about the pile of requests their exchange used to get to add Litecoin trading as the feature. He also discussed about their own research which proved Litecoin trading is the most highly requested feature in the cryptocurrency arena.

Charles Lee also laid out his excitement for the promising future of Litecoins, saying BTC China’s decision to support Litecoin strengthens the fact that “Litecoin is the most popular alternative to Bitcoin and Bitcoin/Litecoin is the 1-2 punch of crypto-currency.”

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