Renowned Canadian Virtual Exchange Adds Litecoins Trading to Its Services

Renowned Canadian Virtual Exchange Adds Litecoins Trading to Its Services

Renowned Canadian Virtual Exchange Adds Litecoins Trading to Its Services

Canada’s leading virtual currency exchange VirtEx now opens transactions in exchange of Litecoins.

ForexMinute – The growing popularity of Litecoins is further emblazoned by Canada’s most renowned virtual currency exchange VirtEx. The online exchange platform recently announced to add Litecoin trading to its services.

The announcement was first made on February 19th 2014 when the exchange released a press release, addressing people with the launch of Litecoin trading on the platform. The services, as per the release, were effective immediately after the announcement, allowing Canadian citizens now to trade Litecoins in exchange of Bitcoins and Canadian Dollars.

The VirtEx CEO Mr. Joseph David also confessed his excitement on the recent development their virtual exchange made. “We are very excited to be the first exchange to allow traders to buy Litecoin with Canadian dollars,” he said. “This is a milestone in the history of cryptocurrency in Canada.”


The local virtual exchange was already famous for its impeccable Bitcoin exchange services among Canadian digital currency groups. It has a huge following, thanks to its reliable deposit and withdrawal services. Until this moment, the platform has traded a total of #73 million CAD, a number which is likely to grow after the announcement of Litecoin trading.

It is believed that VirtEx acted simply on the accord of its customers, who were constantly demanding Litecoin trading features on the platform. The virtual currency exchange thus presented them an altogether safest and secure mechanisms to trade the alt-currency in Canada.

VirtEx has also given hints to launch more crypto-currency trading facilities in the near future.

Is Litecoin Really the Next Best Thing inthe  Digital Currency Arena?

This is the second big news in just four-days that is centered on Litecoin’s growing popularity. Earlier, it was the renowned graphic card manufacturing company AMD that increased the prices of its Radeon series by huge numbers in the wake of its rising demands by Litecoin miners.

While the Bitcoin lately have been facing a major fall, with one of its largest exchanges under threat of a breakdown due to halting transactions, Litecoins seem to have found a way to attract frustrated minds to its own arena. Though, the upsurge in Litecoin users is still required to be reckoned, but the recent developments are indicating nothing but a bright future for this silver crypto-currency.

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