Renowned Australian IT Company Ellenet Now Accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin


Renowned Australian IT Company Ellenet Accepting Bitcoin and Litecoin – Hours after The National Australia Bank warned corporate customers, suggesting them to stay away from Bitcoin use as they pose serious risks, Ellenet – a renowned IT solution provider in Australia – announced to accept Bitcoin and Dogecoin as payments.

Ellenet is probably among the first few IT companies in the Kangaroo land to have introduced digital currencies as one of the payment modes. The company also has a long association with digital mining firm Petabit Pty. Ltd. which explains their little crush on the emerging cryptocurrency market.


Petabit meanwhile is one of the fastest emerging companies in Australia’s digital currency arena. Founded in 2014, the digital mining firm has plans for investing millions in KnCMiner and CoinTerra mining equipment. It is further hoping to represent Australia on international cryptocurrency forums, proving that the country is as capable as other nations for mining digital currencies.

“Crypto currencies are the future, it’s plainly obvious and people need to understand that Bitcoin and other coins are not going away,” said the director of Ellenet. “Without sounding terse, you can’t stop progress. Working with Petabit, we are able to provide many other crypto currency services in the coming months and provide opportunities to Australians that currently do not exist.”

The timing of Ellent’s announcement coincides with NAB’s warning to customers about the potential risks involved with cryptocurrencies. “NAB continually reviews its risk profile and the businesses we bank, ensuring NAB’s activities are in the best interest of our customers and our shareholders,” said a NAB spokesman, according to the Associated Press.

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  1. Im glad ellenet made this move but in all honesty the bank is just doing whats best for their customers. They are not in the business of speculative trading.

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