Registration Open for Miami Bitcoin Hackathon to be Held on January 9th to 11th


Registration Open for Miami Bitcoin Hackathon to be Held on January 9th to 11th

If you want to create code that empowers people all over the world, Miami Bitcoin Hackathon is here to provide you an opportunity. To be held on January 9th to 11th, it is expected to attract participants from around the world. The organizers say that Bitcoin has changed the way people transfer value forever; it is an open protocol that allows for innovation without permission.

According to the organizers of the Miami Bitcoin Hackathon, “The code is open source and available to anyone to analyze or build upon. The technology of Bitcoin is revolutionary because it allows anyone to create digital scarcity without need for trusted third parties.” The winners will be given cash awards in Bitcoin.

The first place candidate will get $10,000 in Bitcoin, acknowledgement of victory on stage at TNABC, free passes to TNABC, one Trezor Hardware Wallet Device, first place winner of Hackathon gets one year of Coinkite professional membership ($300 value), and obviously, mad respect / street cred.

Similarly, the person who would come second will get $3500 in Bitcoin, one Trezor Hardware Wallet Device. On the other hand, the participant getting the 3rd Place will get $1000 in Bitcoin and one Trezor Hardware Wallet Device. There are several ‘Bonus Multiplier’ as well for a team that wins any place, 1st to 3rd using the Coinkite API.

Registration Open

The team will get 1 year of Coinkite business membership ($3000 value). The organizers of the event say that the Bitcoin network is agnostic and doesn’t care about user’s creed, place of birth, race or status – anyone can use Bitcoin and this according to them provides exceptional potential and opportunities for so many revolutionary applications.

Regarding the selection of Miami, the organizers say that Miami is a melting pot of many different ethnicities and it’s also a financial hub to Europe, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. They say that Miami is one of the most unbanked and underbanked cities in the United States with one out of every five people without a bank account.

The official website of the event says that Miami is also a tourist and international business hotspot; people from all over the world travel here for both business and pleasure. Also, according to them Bitcoin can allow anyone in the world to transfer value as long as they have access to the Internet.

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