Reddcoin: Innovative Cryptocurrency Tipped for Social Media Buzz


Reddcoin: The Innovative Cryptocurrency for Tipping on Social Media – There couldn’t be a better way to market a cryptocurrency by simply distributing it. Earlier, it was Auroracoin that made a positive buzz in the market after its creator announced to distribute it among Iceland’s denizens. Just a few hours before, Dogecoin raised $11,000 for a charity cause in Kenya. And now, we have another example in Reddcoin, a new cryptocurrency which is specially made for tipping loyal followers on social media.

A simple instance for such tipping can be given via a query which people normally search on search engines. Suppose you want to buy the best and the cheapest airplane ticket to New York from London. You thus choose a platform to share your question “Which is the best and the cheapest flight to New York from London” with the rest of the netizens. And eventually you get the best reply from an anonymous user, recommending you the best flight options which helps you extensively.

To repay that anonymous user for his quick and generous reply, you simply tip him/her with 4000 RDD which is currently around 20 cents USD. This is what a basic premise of Reddcoin overall is.

How Reddcoin is Different in its Own Way?
A majority of people still considers cryptocurrencies complicated. An average person does not have a clue about mining or using them. With Reddcoin’s simple and authentic approach, it would be much easier for people to introduce the overall structure of cryptocurrencies. It will eventually attract more people towards them.


Reddcoin, like most of the altcoins today, is based on Bitcoin’s open code. But what makes it different from other cryptocurrencies is its ability to fill the gaps between common people and cryptocurrencies. Reddcoin integrates a transparent cryptocurrency system will major social media platforms to make currency exchange process simpler, fun and rewarding for both the donor and the recipient.

Is the Future of Reddcoin Promising?
Cryptocurrencies today are less a payment-mode and more a hype. Reddcoin is however making a natural hype by staying natural itself. The idea on which this coin is based alone can garner innumerable followers within a short period of time, if navigated well. “We believe that our efforts will create a new demand for the currency and we must support our future growth,” says one of its developers, “At this point, we’re sure you have a good idea of our project. We hope you can join us in this adventure.”

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