The Red Cross in the US to Accept Bitcoin Donations Soon


The Red Cross in the US to Accept Bitcoin Donations Soon

BitPay, the Atlanta-based Bitcoin payment processing company is launching a hosted donation webpage to support the American Red Cross and help the organization receive donations in the digital currency. Thus, it looks Red Cross, one of America’s largest and best-known charities will definitely benefit from the additional option for donation.

Several charity organizations have gone to Bitcoin as a lot of donors wish to pay in the digital currency, the addition of the Red Cross will also help such philanthropists. The decision by BitPay to host donation webpage to support the American Red Cross will help Red Cross accept Bitcoin donations through “Gifting Tuesday,” December 2nd.

The American Red Cross claims that it exists to provide compassionate care to those in need with the help of its network of generous donors, volunteers and employees share a mission of preventing and relieving suffering, here at home and around the world, through five key service areas like relief work, life saving blood, supporting families of defense forces, etc.

To do all these works, the organization needs funds from all quarters and according to the sources as Bitcoin users are extremely passionate people who are looking to put their Bitcoin towards good causes, they hope the requirement for funds will be fulfilled without much effort. They will be able to fund their various programs as well.

BitPay Won’t Charge any Processing Fees

Elizabeth Ploshay of BitPay says that introducing the American Red Cross to the Bitcoin community is really going to showcase the generosity of this new group of consumers. She added that Bitcoin users are extremely passionate people are always willing to donate some of their earnings. This moment is going to be used by them to do some work for the Red Cross.

She admits that the Bitcoin community will be excited to have such an established charity to donate to, and BitPay is pleased to provide processing services for the Bitcoin donations without any fees. Thus, it’s not just the donors that are doing their work for Red Cross but BitPay doing it for free by parting away with any processing fees.

Ploshay assured that the Red Cross will receive 100% of the Bitcoin donations made using the special webpage. Jennifer Niyangoda, executive director of corporate and foundation programs at the American Red Cross admitted that his organization is thrilled to partner with BitPay to offer a different way for generous donors to support our humanitarian mission.

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