Raven Office Centers San Francisco, CA Now Accepts Bitcoins


Raven Office Centers San Francisco, CA Now Accepts Bitcoins

It is good news for all those who are looking for office space in San Francisco, CA as Raven Office Centers has now started accepting Bitcoin. Thus, it is a sort of new beginning for Bitcoin which has though been accepted by law firms, domain & hosting services providers, bars, politicians, etc. does not have many real estate companies that accept.

It is expected that the latest decision will particularly be attractive for start-ups in the crypto-currency space. Raven Office Centers which was founded in September of 2001 by James Roten with headquarters in San Francisco, CA, has great expansion ideas and accepting Bitcoin is just a small move towards that.

Raven Office Centers that offers Executive Suites and Business Office Centers admits that Bitcoin is a revolutionary concept and should be promoted. The company went through several changes in its name over the years; for instance, earlier, it was Raven Communications, Inc. DBA Raven Incubated Office Solutions (Raven IOS Centers); now, Raven Office Centers.

Offering office suites, virtual offices, and meeting rooms in the heart of downtown San Francisco, Raven Office Centers is a company that accepts Bitcoin for their services now. Any client paying from $499 for co-working stations i.e. a per-seat cost, according to their website, and a ten-seat private office suite for $6,500 gets the services.


The First Executive Suite Provider to Accept Payment in Bitcoin

According to Raven Office Centers it could very well be the place a start-up in our industry comes to conduct their operations. The decision from the company is aimed at helping businesses looking for a more professional appearance in exchange of Bitcoin, a digital currency that is transforming the way financial transactions are being carried out.

The company offers business mailing addresses and meeting rooms for those times the clients come over as well. Though there are several real estate companies that offer their services in exchange of Bitcoin, Raven says that so far as they are aware, they are the first executive suite provider to accept payment in Bitcoin.

According to Raven Office Centers the incorporation of Bitcoin payments is one that adds an unrivaled level of convenience and that is a major reason that it has agreed to accept payment in the digital currency. For instance, there is requirement of wire transfers, no expensive card processing fees, just payment.

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