Rapper 50 Cent Now “In Da Club” of Bitcoin


Rapper 50 Cent Now “In Da Club” of Bitcoin

ForexMinute.com – Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson recently became one of the first mainstream celebrities to dive into the pool of digital currencies. The 38-year old rapper recently announced to accept Bitcoin as one of the payment modes for the next album ‘Animal Ambition’.

50 Cent’s very own personalized store at Shopify, that had earlier sold millions of copies of the artist, is now all set to accept Bitcoin payments. The store is partnered with BitPay – a Bitcoin payment gateway providing ecommerce solutions – which will look after the payment processing functionalities.


Revealing its excitement after the tie-up was the honorable executive chairman of BitPay, Mr. Tony Gallippi who indicated the superlative results Bitcoin community can see in future when a prominent face like 50 Cent is now associated with them. “We are excited to see high profile independent artists use bitcoin and 50 Cent’s trail as an innovator is outstanding,” he said.

50 Cent is indeed a name everyone has heard of, except zombies. The rapper is known for its exceptional hit singles “In da Club”, “Many Men”, “Candy Shop”, as well as for his bestselling albums “Get Rich or Die Tryin”, “Before I Self Destruct” and others – all of which together has sold over 30 million records till date.

50 Cent’s popularity is although not just limited to music industry; but he is also a successful entrepreneur and one of the key investors in Glaceau, the maker of much hyped Street King Energy Shots, and dozen other ventures enough to provide IRS a great deal.

Bitcoin to the moon, or LA! Both sounds the same to me.

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