Raided Colorado Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Ordered Shut


Raided Colorado Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Ordered Shut Since the state investigator found multiple, prohibited, after-hours medical marijuana sales at Denver’s VIP Cannabis in October 2012, subsequent inspections found other issues such as insufficient record-keeping, high plant counts without back-up documentation and failures to monitor inventories.

However, authorities have moved in to close the business, giving VIP and three linked medical marijuana businesses notices of denial. The firms were also directed no to conduct any sales or transfers of marijuana in their control and possession.

VIP Cannabis opened for business on Tuesday, and actively promoted awareness of its marijuana-laced cookie via its Facebook page over the weekend, something a regulatory official said will be investigated.


“With all situations, our primary focus is always going to be public safety,” Julie Postlethwait, a spokeswoman at the state Marijuana Enforcement Division, was quoted by the Denver Post. “If we see a situation that is really egregious and very concerning, we can always take immediate action. But as with every regulated industry, there is an administrative process.”

The firms have been given 60 days to appeal the denials. Postlethwait said that if the businesses decide to forego the appeal, or the state prevails, the marijuana will be destroyed in presence of authorities or the state will confiscate it.

The denials have been issued to businesses that are linked to VIP Cannabis in terms of association or share ownership. These include: VIP Cannabis, 2949 W. Alameda Avenue in Denver; Highlands Cannabis Company, 3355 W. 38th Avenue in Denver; Kushism, 2527 Federal Boulevard in Denver and Grateful Meds in Nederland.

Two dispensaries, Highlands Cannabis Company and Kushism, have remained shut since the raids while the Nederland dispensary shut down in March after its lease expired, said David Furtado of Grateful Meds. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit

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