Puro Express Offers 10% Bitcoin Discount on Its Cuban Cigars

Puro Express Offers 10 Bitcoin Discount on Its Cuban Cigars
Puro Express Offers 10 Bitcoin Discount on Its Cuban Cigars

Puro Express Offers 10 Bitcoin Discount on Its Cuban Cigars

Now Cigar lovers can buy Cuban Cigars at Puro Express at discounted prices, provided they pay in Bitcoin. The company in its introductory promotional offer says that it has brought this as a gift for Bitcoin supporters/customers. The online shop for quality Cuban Cigars understands the role it can play to promote the revolutionary currency, this measure is aimed at the right direction.

Paying in Bitcoin, customers can now avail 10% discount on each purchase in an extensive range of Cuban Cigars, including: Cohiba, Hoyo de Monterrey, Romeo y Julieta, Montecristo, Partagas, Punch, Bolivar, H Upmann. Puro Express which has been selling Cuban Cigars since 1997 has been delivering quality products to its customers around the world.

Why It Accepts Bitcoin?

Puro Express believes that Bitcoin is a currency of the future. It says the internet currency has great scope. According to a source from the company, the past decade has seen several innovative technologies like Skype, YouTube, Tablet computers, etc. within 3 years; he predicts that Bitcoin will be added to that list.

The online Cuban Cigar seller decided to accept Bitcoin as it is an almost instant virtual currency, controlled neither by government nor by bank, and usable by any online device, including the customer’s phone.


100% Authentic Cuban Cigars

Puro Express assures that customers will get 100% authentic Cuban Cigars. Available at competitive prices and friendly service, Cuban Cigars from the company are made using fine quality raw material i.e. carefully selected leaves from reliable sources. The online seller provides 100% satisfaction guarantee which includes damage, mold (not plume).
Puroexpress Bespoke Cigars

The online seller also brings its specialty cigars, called ‘Puroexpress Bespoke’ which are custom rolled for Puroexpress from carefully selected leaves. The company source says that this is an exclusive range on offer wherein outstanding quality and construction is combined. According to him Puroexpress are a perfect choice for smoking now, or maturing in the customer’s humidor.

Guaranteed Satisfaction for Customers on Cuban Cigars

A source from Puro Express says that as an organic product, flavor will certainly vary from cigar to cigar and batch to batch, and will also depend on how long they have been allowed to mature in a customer’s humidor, and for that reason it cannot cover personal preference. Also, its guarantee applies up to 90 days after shipment date.

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