PotCoin Launches its Very Own Crowdfunding Platform


PotCoin Launches its Very Own Crowdfunding Platform

ForexMinute.com – Dogecoin had indeed set up a new trend in the cryptocurrency market, which was about raising funds for humanitarian acts. Many cryptocurrencies after Dogecoin has joined the “Goodwill Club” including the major names like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Karmacoin, amongst others.

The new coin to join this alleged club is PotCoin, which recently launched a crowdfunding platform, named Pot Funder, to help the cannabis community. With medical marijuana holding string grounds to battle several illnesses, including the likes of cancer, PotCoin is visibly working towards helping people with their specific sicknesses that can be eased by using pot. Our team grabbed this idea upon their latest charity event titled “Support Cannabis for Fragile X Syndrome”. The PotCoin team is also raising funds for a UK based charitable health centre.


In times when governments are making it impossible for patients to grow their own marijuana plants, and are furthermore taxing pot extensively, it has become uneasy for sick people to continue their medication without shedding some extra money from their pockets. There have been numerous petitions alone in the US and Canada that has been signed by thousands of medical cannabis users. PotCoin, meanwhile, is hoping to ease this trouble by introducing multiple charity events, the reason why they have launched an altogether different platform for it.

“We noticed that there were many great ideas being thrown around within the community, but the lack of an easy platform to get them funded. The solution was obvious, but nobody seemed to be working on it at the time so we decided to get it done,” wrote the founders Ironhammer5 and Deemington.

For most of us, this whole thing could be another staged concept to boost a cryptocurrency’s market appeal. But we can never doubt the result it can bring in the future for the ones suffering from painful disorders. Medical cannabis is indeed one of the most controversial topics inside the medical community, with many professionals outright rejecting it as an ailing drug. But studies are more inclined towards the people who have constantly favoured cannabis for its magical impact on patients.

The innovative platform introduced by PotCoin will indeed help people of grass roots in meeting the proper medical care.

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