Popular Dogecoin Online Wallet Hacked


Hackers Indeed Love Bitcoin

ForexMinute.com – This time Dogecoin has to take it seriously. According to the incoming reports, popular Dogecoin online wallet Dogevault has been hacked, resulting into the thieving of all its coins as well. There is although no reports howsoever that tells how many Dogecoins have been stolen from the demised wallet.

Currently, the Dogevault site is down, while its server is reportedly being shut down as well. This has created havoc among users whose money are stored online. They are simply not able to access their accounts, while most of them are claiming that some masqueraders have conducted illegal transactions from their accounts right before the site went down. This transaction has taken all the money from their online wallets that have further raised the suspicion of a possible online theft.


Meanwhile, there have been no announcements from the Dogevault administration regarding this alleged attack, especially when one of their users have openly claimed a theft of over 950,000 Dogecoin from his wallet. There are also other users that have reported the same thefts. Although the number of Dogecoins stolen are yet not disclosed, but one must know that there are over 111 million Dogecoin at risk due to this attack.

Possible Impacts of the Event on Market
In times when the Cryptocurrency market is already going through a tough phase after PBOC’s intervention, the aforementioned event can further impact the prices of Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies as well.

We will keep you updated with this event as the story unfolds its course.

To contact the reporter of the story: Yashu Gola at yashu@forexminute.com

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