Polish Airline Service LOT Starts Accepting Bitcoin


Polish Airline Service LOT Starts Accepting Bitcoin

Poland’s flag carrying airline service, LOT Polish Airlines, has recently integrated Bitcoin as one of its online payment methods.

According to the company’s press release, they were looking the growing digital currency culture from a very long time, and how it was progressing autonomously in terms of adoption. LOT further stated a trivia, revealing that every third ticket it sell is sold online — via its website and mobile-based platforms. Their decision to add one more payment option, therefore, appears to be more strategical than user-devoted.

Jiri Marek, LOT Sales and Distribution Executive Director, however expressed that their decision to add Bitcoin payment service was taken to address the need of their clients, saying that most of them constantly access their web-based platform for booking flight tickets.

“We go for innovations thanks to which their journey is even more comfortable and pleasant not only on board, but also much earlier – at the stage of buying the ticket,” he explained. “Many of them do the shopping online, including plane tickets.”

“It‘s just the matter of time when payments with the online currency will become as popular as using credit cards today. We notice this potential, which is why we are one of the first airlines in the world to give its passengers the possibility of paying with Bitcoins as early as today.”

With the decision, LOT joined the list of many other flight service companies that had once integrated Bitcoin payments onto their platforms. They include Mexico’s TAR, airBaltic, Air Lituanica, amongst others.