Police Once Again Become Victim of Bitcoin Crime


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ForexMinute.com — Long before Wall Street investors, it was the criminals who understood the true potential of Bitcoin as a next-generation payment technology.

The saying finds its roots in series of cases that appeared lately in American newspapers. Quite amusingly but on a serious note, the computer hackers are now targeting the very law enforcers they should fear — the police. Last month, it was the Chicago police department that had to pay an anonymous hacker ransom in Bitcoin to decrypt their confidential data. This time, it is Tewksbury Police Department that has become the victim of this repeated crime.

According to Boston Globe, a daily news provider, the aforementioned police department recently had its computer hacked by a random hacker which demanded a $500 worth ransom for restoration. Indeed, the system had confidential data stored in it which was locked down with a paired encrypted key. So in order to retrieve the key to open up their jammed computer, police had to to pay this hacker the money in Bitcoin.

“My initial thoughts were we were infected by some sort of a virus,” Tewksbury Police Chief Timothy Sheehan told media. “Then we determined it was a little bit bigger than that. It was more like cyberterrorism.”

It was not they didn’t try to hack the hacked computer. According to the police, they had called everyone from Federal and State IT departments — as well as two private firms — to break the lock, but all efforts went in vain. They therefore decided to just pay off the Bitcoin to the criminal.