Point of Coin Installs Their First Bitcoin ATM in Westfield Mall


Point of Coin Installs Their First Bitcoin ATM in Westfield Mall

Point of Coin, LLC, a registered corporation in the state of Washington, started in 2014 by Donn Lasher and Cary Minden, announces that it has installed its first Bitcoin ATM in Westfield Mall. The Bitcoin ATM in the Westfield Mall is located at 8700 N.E. Vancouver Mall Drive in Vancouver, WA. The organization hopes it will fetch huge pro-Bitcoin crowd.

The Bitcoin ATM owner says that there are several reasons that customers should use the services. For instance, it says that if users want the Bitcoin instantly at their convenience and not ‘later’ when they schedule a meeting with a seller in person, the Bitcoin ATM from the company will be extremely suitable.

Also, the users who have Bitcoin wallet can keep their digital currency safe and secure for long time. If they don’t want to have to go through the pain of registering and opening an account and having to wait until you get “verified” and so on, the Bitcoin ATM is there to serve them. Here the customers will be able to get instant access to the digital currency.

Talking to media professionals Point of Coin founder Donn Lasher says that as he has been involved in Bitcoin since 2011, this has been a major plan for him to come true. He admitted that he is pleased with the location of their first machine and excited about partnership with Westfield in this location.

He further said that the locals were aware of Bitcoin, and were as motivated as the people at his company were to bring a Bitcoin ATM to their location. Nonetheless, he also confessed that he couldn’t ask for a better location, at the Main mail entrance, directly across from his favorite theater in town, Cinetopia, and right beneath the food court.

Bitcoin ATM will be Open from 7:30am – 11:00pm daily

Moreover, as the Bitcoin ATM is from Robocoin, a renowned company, the security features are expected to be of higher level. The company says that it will be open with the mall, from 7:30am – 11:00pm daily. The new users are informed that after completing the registration process they can log in with their Cell phone #, and PIN.

Once they have logged in they need to use an SMS code sent to the phone for extra security and once their identity has been verified, users can instantly buy or sell Bitcoin using their online wallet, or transfer coins to or from wallets located with other services, or on their phones. The ATM allows a user to transaction up to $3,000 USD a day at the machine.

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