Pock.io the First UK Retailer to Sell Cryptocurrency Gift Cards


Pock.io Becomes the First UK Retailer to Sell Gift Cards in Cryptocurrencies

ForexMinute.com – Consumers in the can now use their Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies to buy gift cards from major online retailers, including Amazon, Google Play Store, ASOS and Starbucks, with the help of Pock.io.

Founded in late January, Pock.io has become the first online service for buying gifts cards in exchange of digital currencies. The retailer has also announced to accept eight different cryptocurrencies, which includes Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Maxcoin, Vertcoin, Worldcoin and Quark.

The Pock.io’s executive director and co-founder Rusty Nash also explained the motivation behind launching this innovative vehicle. He mentioned their aim, which is to transform digital coins into much more acceptable financial entity in the UK.

The business concept although is not “strictly” original as one California-based company Gyft also accepts Bitcoins for providing the similar services. But Pock.io is one of its own kind, if territorial context is assumed. Also, Gyft is expanding in Canada with a limited number of retailers on board, but hasn’t jump across the seas to reach European markets yet – an area which Pock.io is hoping to cover before any competition arises.


Rusty also supported the speculation by accepting a greater role of such services, at least in the UK market. “I knew about the concept of gift cards way before the Gyft and other competitors started selling them in exchange of cryptocurrencies. When I explored, I found there was such market existing in US, but there was nothing in the UK as such. I then thought to fill the gap by launching Pock.io.”

Although Pock.io is just two months old, Rusty is planning to expand it throughout Europe. He is also confident about efficiently competing with Gyft in case his business crosses the ocean to reach the US and Canada. His log is the multitude of digital currencies Pock.io accepts, when Gyft only accepts Bitcoins for now.

Customers can get full details of the company here.

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