Plus500 Revenue Reaches $111.5 million in 2013

Plus500 Revenue Reaches $111.5 million in 2013
Plus500 Revenue Reaches $111.5 million in 2013

Plus500 Profit

The UK’s leading forex broker has indeed proved that it’s the world’s leading broker. Plus500 is on a roller coaster ride with its whopping returns this year – In the recent data published by one of the UK’s leading brokerage Plus500, the company showed an impressive revenue collection of $111.5 million, which is 105% more than its previous year revenue.

The report also talked huge numbers by showing Plus500’s net profits going triple – $50.6 million in a year – and also by showing the large proportion of amount being earned in the month of July 2013 by the company’s Initial Public Offering (IPO).

The Plus500’s last quarter of 2013 did most of the trick with active customers increased to 35pc, while the average amount spent by them on financial bets improved by 35pc. The bounce back rate have also been minimal in the last quarter, said Plus500 senior most officials. As per this moment of writing, Plus500 has over 59,000 customers trading fruitfully via its interactive platform.


Plus500’s investors are further having a gala round by receiving a whopping return of $41m, indicating 81c of net profit. The company has indeed given a lot of cash back to its shareholders, with its operating cash flow going more than double – from $19.3m to $56.3m – within just one year.

Cormac Leech from Liberum has further given its forecast for the Plus500’s share for this year ahead. His predication expect per share earnings of 61.9 cents and a dividend of 37.1 cents, taking Plus500’s profits to 5.4pc. But in case the company reaches to the expected 81pc payout ratio this year, its dividend yield will be of 7.5pc.

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