Pennsylvania Votes in the Favor of Medical Marijuana


Pennsylvania Votes in the Favor of Medical Marijuana

A high majority of voters in Pennsylvania believes it should be available to patients without any hassles. – Through a voting session conducted between Feb 17-26 by Mercyhurst Center for Applied Politics (MCAP), results showed that a massive majority – 85 percent – among those 495 registered voters consider that patients should be allowed to use medical marijuana if prescribed by their doctors.

Whilst, 48% voters favored the complete legalization of medical marijuana, offsetting the rest; and 59% voters favored to remove the fines and punishments on the possessions of small amount of marijuana. “When it comes to Pennsylvania’s approach to regulating marijuana, voters in the Keystone State are clear: Keeping laws the same is not their preference,” pollsters concluded.


This favoring might have a straight impact on the Pennsylvania current governor Tom Corbett, who has made it his stand clear on reforming marijuana laws. He is against it, unlike his own voters. Over 43% of voters in the same poll said that they will rather choose a governor who will favor the medical marijuana legalization. Still the 49% majority kept marijuana out of the loop of elections, and polled for voting the candidates from Democratic Party, probably Tom Wolf, a big marijuana supporter and a possible front runner of the post of Governor in next elections.

“While voters may be divided over the policy that they prefer, they are very clear about their preferences for the direction of change,” MCAP director Joseph Morris said. “They want more people to have access to the drug, or at the very least to see penalties associated with marijuana use and possession reduced.”

He also referred to the impact of the whole nation’s demand of legalizing marijuana on Pennsylvanians. “Our findings suggest that the position of Pennsylvanians on the legalization of marijuana is largely consistent with the nation as a whole,”

Almost three weeks back, New York’s denizens also polled in the favor of medical marijuana use. While other states are looking forward to legalize it with strict regulations.

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