Peercoin Price Rockets Ahead Of NuBits Release


Peercoin Price Rockets Up Ahead Of NuBits Release – Peercoin developer Jordan Lee today announced the release date of their much-awaited platform NuBits. As confirmed, the Peershares implementation project will go live on September 23rd at 1400 UTC. As a result, the Peercoin market graph has seen some really anti-gravitational results as well.

As per the data available on CoinMarketCap.COM, the Peercoin market cap has boosted by more than 20% in the last 24 hours, indicating larger investments into the coin ahead of the NuBits release. What made NuBits a hot-thing-in-the-town is its promise of eradicating volatility out of the cryptocurrency sector.

Price instability and untimely crashes are one of the major norms cryptocurrency markets have been facing since the inception of Bitcoin. Jordan Lee and team had always dreamt of bringing such technologies to digital currency enthusiasts that would make their trades a safe and stable venture. NuBits undoubtedly comes as a next-gen technology for every cryptocurrency followers.

In his announcement, Lee said: “Our solution completely solves the volatility problem cryptocurrencies have experienced. It does so with zero counterparty risk using a decentralized network. Much of the network revenue will be delivered to shareholders in the form of Peercoins. The network is an exciting advance I am pleased to have the opportunity to unveil.”

It had been over a year since Lee first introduced the term “Peershares” – a concept whose basic idea was to manage publicly held shares in a decentralized manner. The enthusiastic developer dumped the idea of creating unnecessary hypes around the project. He never sought pre-investment funds, nor supported the idea of selling a product that didn’t exist. It was his plan to first ensure the smooth functionality of the client, and then sell its shares in the market.

The full details on NuBits however are kept secret, probably to avoid unnecessary hype and copy-cat coins. As per confirmed by Jordan Lee, they will release the entire NuBits white paper along with the platform itself.

At press time, Peercoin is priced at $1.05 and its market cap has exceeded $22m.

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