Payment Processing Site Verotel Now Accepts Bitcoin

Payment Processing Site Verotel Now Accepts Bitcoin
Payment Processing Site Verotel Now Accepts Bitcoin

Payment Processing Site Verotel Now Accepts Bitcoin

Verotel, a payment processing site, has announced that it now accepts Bitcoin. According to the company sources apart from accepting most major credit cards, adding Bitcoin, the company is expecting to cater a large number of new customers who wish to pay in digital currency which has transformed the way transactions are being conducted.

In its announcement the company says that membership websites can now accept Bitcoin payments and if some client wishes get payments from his customers in Bitcoin creating a new membership option with payment method “Bitcoin” in the Control Center will be made available for him.

Once it is created, it will then offer Bitcoin as a payment method with the membership options client has created. Currently, the company charges its merchants 1% and though at this time cannot process Bitcoin refunds, it will using BitPay for the transactions, a very popular payment processor that focuses on Bitcoin.

Partnering with BitPay for Payment

In its release to the media, the company says that BitPay is a quickly expanding company and partnering with it has so far been the best decision. Moreover, with 50,000 and more supported businesses taking the option to accept Bitcoin, the latest addition is definitely going to add to the value of the digital currency and its acceptance.


From law firms to web hosting services providers to courier companies, almost fifty thousand more businesses that now have the opportunity to accept Bitcoin are helping the digital currency expand every passing day.

Verotel is a Holland Based Company

Verotel claims that this is a huge step forward for digital currencies as it will help not just increasing the cash flow but also help clients get payment fast and with ease. In fact, contrary to reports earlier published in the media, Verotel, one of the first payment processors to start accepting Bitcoin through another payment processor, will make it available to all its clients.

Moreover, as Verotel’s transactions are regulated by the Dutch Central Bank, transactions are safe and secure. Being a Netherlands based company, a country which has been incredibly friendly to Bitcoiners; the news has not surprised many. The country also has the world’s first “Bitcoin Boulevard” opened in The Hague with a Bitcoin ATM.

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