Patient Registration for Illinois Medical Marijuana Program to Start Tomorrow


Patient Registration for Illinois Medical Marijuana Program to Start TomorrowMost Illinois residents are still at loss over the procedure of registering for the state’s new medical marijuana program, which is set to kick off on Tuesday. The program’s administrators are also at loss over how many individuals will register for it.

However, all these questions will be partially solved tomorrow when agencies start registering patients or their registered caregivers. However, only those whose last names start with letters A to L are allowed to register until Oct. 31. Other prospective applicants will start submitting their applications on Nov.1.

Lee Enterprises’ Springfield bureau estimates that about 100,000 Illinois locals qualify for the program. A spokeswoman for the state health department said the agency expects thousands of applicants to apply in the coming four months.

“This will build over time as more physicians sign the required paperwork for patients,” Sheila Porter, a spokeswoman for the Illinois Department of Public Health, told the Daily Herald.

Illinois medical marijuana law, which was passed by legislators in 2013, requires patients to obtain their doctor’s prescription and have a background check in order to qualify. The state is required to respond to the patient’s application within the next 30 days.

In order to process the applications faster, the participating state agencies such as the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation and the Department of Agriculture, are boosting their workforce.

State officials uploaded applications forms for businesses that want to participate in the medical marijuana program. The application period is set to run from Sept. 8 up to Sept. 22. To learn more about Illinois’ medical marijuana initiative, visit

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