Pandacoin Launches World’s First Hybrid Cryptocurrency Wallet


Pandacoin Launches World’s First Hybrid Cryptocurrency Wallet – Known for its no-nonsense distribution mechanism, Pandacoin is gradually making its presence felt among other leading digital currencies. This time, the Proof-of-Stake coin has added further stars to its merit by launching the world’s very first hybrid cryptocurrency wallet.

With the term ‘hybrid’, Pandacoin means to deliver a coin storage client that could easily switch to its lightweight version ‘Pandacoin Lite’. Its developing team has thus came up with ‘PandaBank Hybrid’, a storage client that could easily perform the aforementioned task, enabling users with limited bandwidth and storage restrictions to have a hassle-free experience.

The PandaBank Hybrid also comes up with additional features like ‘Instant Sync Technology’ (IST) and ‘Rapid Blockchain Download’ (RBD). While the IST feature enables users to immediately synchronize with the existing blockchain, the RBD feature is set to download an entire Pandacoin blockchain in 5 to 15 minutes. In normal-case scenarios, the time taken to download a cryptocurrency’s blockchain lies between 4 to 24 hours. However, as Pandacoin is currently in its initial adoptive stage, these claims seem limited to a certain extent for now.

“New users to a cryptocurrency should not need to wait for many hours and in Bitcoin’s case,” the Pandacoin blog reads, “sometimes even a week, for their wallet to download and synchronize with the blockchain, before being able to see and utilize their cryptocurrencies. The ‘wallets’ should also be providing them an optimal and familiar user experience so it is reminiscent of dealing with their internet banking account when interacting with their cryptocurrencies.”

Pandacoin Market Cap Rockets Upward
Over the last week, the Pandacoin market cap is flourishing with periodical investments. There have been few instances of volatility, indicting sell-offs by short term profiteers but the market is somewhat trending upwards thanks to the ongoing development projects. In the last 24 hours alone, the Pandacoin market cap has surged from $USD0.99 million to $USD1.4 million in the wake of optimism created from the PandaBank Hybrid release.

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