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There a many important advantages of Pair Options that you need to be familiar with to be a successful Pair Options trader. Pair Options have taken the world of online financial trading to the next level. This was done in order to provide traders out there with an alternative form of trading that would allow them to trade and profit in a comfortable environment.


Pair Options Brokers

Stockpair Review

StockPair’s trading platform is operated and owned by Nextrade Global Ltd – an international private investment company. They are registered in Belize, a forerunner in producing Pair Options technology. Pair Options are options traded on the relative performance of underlying assets, which makes themeasilyavailable to globaltraders. Stockpairoffers traders real time and accurate pricing due to being built on a patent pending pricing engine (US Patent Pending 3455.333.23). This produces a secure and state-of-the-art visual interface, allowing for anexceptionaltrading experience.


Pair Options FAQs

  • What is a Pair Option?
  • What is an Underlying Asset?
  • What is the Asset Choice?
  • What is a Fixed Pair Option?
  • What is a Floating Pair Option?


Pair Options Glossary

Underlying Asset: The relative performance of the two stocks in a stock pair.
Market Neutral: Earn profit when the markets are higher or lower.
Expiry Time: The time of expiry of the traded Pair Option.
In the Money: If your stock is the better performer at expiry you are in the money.