Pair Options Glossary

Underlying Asset

The relative performance of the two stocks in a stock pair.

Market Neutral

Earn profit when the markets are higher or lower.

Expiry Time

The time of expiry of the traded Pair Option.

In the Money

If your stock is the better performer at expiry you are in the money.

Out of the Money

If your stock is the worse performer stock at expiry you are out of the money.

Fixed Pair Option

Allows you to fix the expiry time from when you open the option and the contract is fixed until the expiry time.

Floating Pair Option

Choose the expiry time: beginning of the trading period, such as day, week or month. Option can be closed prior to expiry.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is used by traders to determine how macro-economic issues and events will affect particular stocks comprising Pair Options.

Technical Analysis

This is based on the past performance to predict future price levels of stocks that make up a Pair option. Charts and other technical data are most commonly used by trade rs with technical analysis.

Relative Performance

The actual performance of each stock is measured by the difference in percent between its expiry time and start time levels.

Start Time

The option start time of the fixed Pair option is from the time you purchase/open the option. For floating Pair options is the start of the trading day, week, and month. So the option start time is fixed no matter what the trade start time is.

Position Close

Floating Pair Options allow you to close your position before the expiry time during the market hours. However, you cannot close your position prior to expiry with fixed Pair Options.


Payout may be up to 700%. It is displayed on the Pair options trading platform at the time of trade. Payouts are determined by relative performance of underlying stocks, market conditions and the expiry time.