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Technical analysis is one of the two types of economic analyses (the other being fundamental analysis) used while trading on the financial markets. Traders use technical analysis to analyze graphs, statistics and particular data, especially recent trends to predict future price movements. You will find with technical analysis that is made up of bulls and bears. These are two opposing forces that are trying to push the price up and down.

Binary Options

Binary Options are simple to trade, but still present the trader with complicated terminology, such as Call, Put, In, Out. The profitability rate is known from the outset, which is an advantage, ranging between 61-85%. One of the biggest benefits with trading binary options is that some binary options brokers will refund you up to 15% of the original investment if your trade expires out of the money. A simple aspect of binary options and Pair Options trading is that the trade only has to go a fraction in your favor and you are in the money. This aspect alone has brought much investment to the world of binary options.