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History of Pair Options Trading

Pair Options have become very famous in a short time period, despite their previous absence in the world of finance as a financial trading instrument. Much of the growing popularity of Pair Options is owed to an extraordinary revolution when it comes to trading financial products over the past decade. Prior to Pair Options trading, there was Pair trading, so for example, you would trade the Dow Jones (DJI) and S&P500 (GSPC) as a Pair trade. With the advancements of technology, Pair Options came into being – allowing you to trade by merely selecting the better performing stock in a stock pair.

From the onset of Pair Options in 2011, this new trading instrument has gained wide popularity. This is largely due to Pair Options being a market neutral instrument, immune from the market direction. In addition, the dynamics of how Pair Options trading platforms allow traders to trade their favorite stocks pairs has added to the excitement.

You can now trade Pair Options on over 100 stocks from global stock exchanges. Registering and opening a live account with a Pair Options broker is simple. The advanced trading software enables you to start Pair Options trading in minutes.