P4D Courier Service in the UK Now Accepts Bitcoin

P4D Courier Service in the UK Now Accepts Bitcoin
P4D Courier Service in the UK Now Accepts Bitcoin

P4D Courier Service in the UK Now Accepts Bitcoin

P4D Courier Service, one of Great Britain’s largest courier services, has announced that it is now accepting payments in Bitcoin. In its announcement the courier company said that it also provides delivery options at discounted prices within the United Kingdom. It said that with Bitcoin, P4D can keep prices even lower, as transaction fees are almost non-existent.

Currently, this courier company delivers a variety of mail, from parcels and documents to pallets to clients located in the country and outside. However, with the latest decision, it is aiming to help the clients located in the countries as now they won’t need to exchange their money to the Pound Sterling.

It says that the domestic and international services involved with the Bitcoin industry will benefit the most after it is recognized as an alternative form of currency that will change the way business will be conducted. Thus, accepting Bitcoin in exchange for courier services, this company is all set to become the first of its kind in the UK.

In the courier business for over 8 years, P4D works with mailing services like TNT, DHL, Yodel, ParcelForce and City Link and guarantees for safe and secure delivery. However, the best part is that due to its size and recognition, P4D keeps prices lower than its competitors and that is where clients benefit the most.


Courier Goods Anywhere in the UK and the World for Bitcoin

Now, with Bitcoin as an alternative payment method, charges will further go down as there are almost no transaction fees. According to the courier company no account is needed and by accepting Bitcoin P4D has made it even easier for customers to quickly and easily arrange a package to be couriered anywhere in the world.

In its announcement P4D said that its customers have the option of waiting for a P4D courier to pick up their parcel, or they can mail it themselves at any of the company’s 7,000 locations across the UK. With the latest decision to accept Bitcoin, the courier company says that it will help both financially and technologically.

The release from P4D says that the adoption of the digital currency may take the parcel service to heights it has never been before and both industries can benefit one another through this measure. The company also claims that the customers located outside the country are the ones that are going to benefit the most from it.

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