Ottawa Charity Ping Pong Announces to Accept Bitcoin Donations


Ottawa Charity Ping Pong Announces to Accept Bitcoin Donations

In a press release, Ottawa Charity Ping Pong says that on October 3rd this year, it will start accepting the digital currency from donors. Thus, it will become the first organization of its kind locally to accept Bitcoin donations. The release says that Resilient 21, a local Ottawa-based Bitcoin consulting firm, has set the corporation up using CAVIRTEX merchant solutions.

The announcement says that the charity organization is exploring the idea of accepting Bitcoin for food and drink. Being one of the most forward thinking non-profits in the Ottawa area, Ottawa Charity Ping Pong, the idea to go for the digital currency has not surprised many. Also, as Bitcoin is a natural fit in expanding their donation pool, it was a matter of time.

Nonetheless, as the organization has already started to receive Bitcoin donations via their website, Alastair Mitchell of Resilient 21 says that any charity of any significance will soon be accepting Bitcoin. According to Mitchell there are several benefits from Bitcoin and that is what makes it a popular payment method for donors.

Currently, Ottawa Charity Ping Pong benefits four local charities e.g. Youth Services Bureau; Operation Come Home; Do It For Daron; and Christie Lake Kids. The entire effort is being put by Mitchell who is spearheading the merchant acceptance of Bitcoin in Ottawa and says that “merchants who use it absolutely love it.

The announcement says that at the charity event, which will be held on October 3rd, there will be a spot where Bitcoin can be donated in person. The donors may also donate Bitcoin online at the official website of the organization. Bitcoin which has received a lot of attention worldwide from the companies for various obvious reasons has also attracted charity organizations.

Bitcoin Brings Up Several Benefits for Charity Organizations

There are several benefits from accepting Bitcoin; for instance, it is quick, easy and less expensive than traditional payment methods. Also, as charities that operate mostly on a donation basis rely on this source of funding to operate, making every cent valuable and not paid in the processing fees.

For instance, CAVIRTEX takes .75% on transactions when converted immediately to dollars or 0% if kept in Bitcoin. Thus, the donors would in all probabilities prefer to pay in Bitcoin and according to Alastair Mitchell of Resilient 21 long-term, accepting Bitcoin is fantastic as it ensures that more dollars get to the people who need it.

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