Oregon County Passes a Year-Long Moratorium on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


Oregon County Passes a Year-Long Moratorium on Medical Marijuana DispensariesAn Oregon county has imposed a 12-month ban on medical marijuana facilities. Marion County passed the moratorium on Wednesday, reversing an earlier decision to back them.

“It occurred to us when every jurisdiction in Marion was imposing a moratorium that the only place top open one was unincorporated Marion County,” Commissioner Janet Carlson said, according to the Statesman Journal. “Most of east Salem is unincorporated, and there is a lot of industrial and commercial [zoning] there.”

Medical marijuana dispensaries were decriminalized in March following complaints by patients registered under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program that they couldn’t safely access the drug as searching for a quality grower or cultivating their own plants proved difficult.


However, the Oregon state granted the counties a choice to decide whether they could postpone the launch of medical marijuana dispensaries within their borders up to May 1, 2015. Marion County had earlier approved strict regulations on the time, place and manner of dispensing the drug in February, though it didn’t fully ban the facilities as the rule was still being discussed by the Statehouse.

However, some facilities are still legally allowed to remain in operation. Any medical marijuana dispensary that obtained a permit based on the county’s earlier law and from the Oregon Health Authority is still allowed to remain open for business.

Therefore, the Club Pitbull, which is situated at 4088 States Street will remain in operation unlike the First Choice Medicine near West Salem, which was forced to close when Polk County passed a law banning the facilities in early April.

“Club Pitbull’s [Christoper Oss] has represented himself to us as a businessman,” Carlson said. “Hopefully he will live up to the representations that he made.”

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