Oregon Childcare Council to Decide on Medical Marijuana in Childcare Facilities


Oregon Childcare Council to Decide on Medical Marijuana in Childcare FacilitiesDaycare providers in Oregon who have also signed up for the state’s medical marijuana initiative may be forced to decide between the two should the Early Learning Council approve new regulations on Wednesday, reported the Statesman Journal.

“Marijuana consumption should not and cannot be tolerated within a child care environment licensed by the state,” said Gov. John Kitzhaber, in a statement addressed to the council. “We entrust our providers to maintain safe learning environments where our children can thrive. There is a loophole that needs to be closed. I want that addressed immediately, and I have directed the Early Learning Council to take the necessary regulatory action.”

The governor told the council members, whom he appoints, to change the registry and background rules that cover three categories of child care: certified family care, registered family care and certified child care facilities. Under the proposed rules, child-care providers will be banned from growing, distributing or using medical marijuana.


Medical marijuana was legalized by Oregon voters in 1998, though the federal government considers cannabis as illegal drug with zero medical benefit.

The state’s Office of Child Care considered medical marijuana use as a personal health issue until June when it published the names of five owners of child-care facilities who have medical marijuana cards. Two facilities, Alphabet Academy and Precious Little Lambs, were situated in Salem. The state has 4,340 licensed child care facilities, with the Child Care Office estimating that not more than 10 of such facilities have a person with a medical marijuana card on their payrolls.

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