Oregon Abandons Plans to Shut Dispensary, California Marijuana Market Opens


Oregon Abandons Plans to Shut Dispensary, California Marijuana Market OpensOregon authorities have withdrawn their plan to have a medical marijuana dispensary located in downtown Eugene shut down.

The regulators reached a conclusion that a complaint filed by an anonymous person that stated the dispensary was extremely close to a school was invalid. The campaign to have the dispensary shut down was the first one ever since the state started issuing operating licenses to the facilities in March.

The dispensary, which is named “The Greener Side” is located at 1553 Oak St, filed an appeal after it received a letter on April 9 from the state agency notifying it of the intended closure. The state regulator had received an email from an anonymous sender claiming that the facility was located within 1,000ft of a school, which is contrary to state rules. A similar letter was sent to the Register-Guard newspaper.


Oregon has so far awarded 18 licenses to open medical marijuana dispensaries in Lane County, rejected 19 applications and provisionally approved six more facilities, while two applications are still pending. So far, 138 licenses have been approved statewide; 184 applications rejected and 51 provisionally approved. 44 applications are awaiting review.

In a separate report, a medical cannabis farmers market in California opened for the first time on Saturday, drawing huge crowds as customers sampled what was on offer. The California Heritage Market, which is located in a warehouse in the industrial part of the town along the Esperanza street, recorded booming business as shoppers and vendors traded directly, cutting out the much-maligned middleman.

An approximately 2,500 patients visited the market after showing ID and documents that authorized them to legally purchase medical marijuana and its derivatives. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit www.forexminute.com/newsletter.

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