Orbex: Upgrading Forex Trading Experience



Orbex has launched a new animated video campaign featuring a trader, a broker, and an affiliate in an everyday life. Orbex is not only presenting the scene in a fun manner, but also invites traders to share the video and enter a social contest in order to win one of the 10 no deposit bonuses of $500 on a live trading account.

Whoever said forex and humour don’t go together hasn’t seen the latest campaign by Forex broker, Orbex. Earlier this month, Orbex launched a short promotional animated video about themselves, their clients and other brokers in an attempt to put a different spin on Forex advertising.

The animation revolves around a trader, John, who runs into the kind of problems many traders tend to run into. When John attempts to complain, his broker offers John only excuses for the things going awry. This pushes John over the edge!

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To view the video, click here.

While majority of Forex broker self-adverts tend to be concentrated on shots of big busy cities, business men in suits who are constantly in a rush and an array of computers and complex looking graphs, Orbex has taken an entirely different approach. According to Orbex, the core of their business is rooted in their client satisfactions, client service and all around trader experience where their animated video claims to be a testament to that.

These kind of creative endeavours are unveiling Forex industry and its traders as more than a faceless, corporate and elite group. Being the largest and the most liquid market in the world, Forex trader diversity is more likely reality than a collective and corporate one.

The idea that Forex brokers are humourless and monotone lot is being challenged by Orbex’s video, and not in a kitsch kind of way, but in a way that is creative and engaging.

After all, what is a forex broker without a little sense of humour?

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