OrangeWebsite, a Green Web Hosting Company Accepting Bitcoin

OrangeWebsite, a Green Web Hosting Company Accepting Bitcoin
OrangeWebsite, a Green Web Hosting Company Accepting Bitcoin

OrangeWebsite, a Green Web Hosting Company Accepting Bitcoin

OrangeWebsite, a green web hosting company, formed in Reykjavik, Iceland in 2009 by Henri K. Johannes, accepts Bitcoin for its services. In announcement the company informed its potential customers that they can purchase any hosting solution from it by using Bitcoin simply and easily.

Customers need to send the company the order by email and transfer the payment by using its Bitcoin address: 14oPfR2zjQVizDahxvRoLjofjTpCzKgVK4.

The company also brings ‘Bitcoin Hosting Affiliate Program’ wherein it accepts Bitcoin for a payout method on its affiliate program. The company source says that in case someone wishes to have their commissions to be paid by Bitcoin, they can provide the company their valid Bitcoin address when signing up.

Affiliate Program: OrangeWebsite offers an affiliate program wherein it provides up to 55% commission to clients who also receive 50 EUR sign up bonus and commission rates as high as 55%. Additionally, there is no monthly fee and no monthly minimum sales limit. The affiliate program is being made available free of cost.

The company claims that clients do not need a high traffic website to start selling; rather, they can start promoting its products by email or on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. just by adding the affiliate link on the footer of their email message or Facebook page.


The company claims that as the affiliate program is absolutely free and there are no recurring monthly costs or sign up fee, it is a good option to earn some extra bucks.

Several Benefits of Using Bitcoin – OrangeWebsite claims that when customers are paying in Bitcoin there is no transaction fees; thus, they save a lot of money. It is not only fast to pay in Bitcoin but also safe. It provides more privacy than most online currencies could provide. Additionally, it is a lot easier to send Bitcoin to the company as here customers need a Bitcoin address and nothing else.

About OrangeWebsite

It is a web hosting services provider whose primary focus has been to help small businesses transition effectively onto the internet. With a group of skilled programmers and designers who know the trends of online business, the ‘Green Hosting Company’ promises that customers always get the best prices and quality services.

OrangeWebsite is running on 100% green energy and complies with its commitment for the environment. It uses only renewable energy for servers and facilities. The company believes that it is its responsibility to do what it can to help prevent climate change.

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