Orange County Gets its First ATM as ZenBox Installs one


Orange County Gets its First ATM as ZenBox Installs one

As a two-way Bitcoin ATM has been placed in the new Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC) in California’s Orange County. The local Bitcoin supporters are enthusiastic about the prospects as they see a bright future for the digital currency. According to the company, it is the first Bitcoin ATM in the locality.

Located inside Mission Market Express in the station’s Grand Foyer, ZenBox gives the station’s 10,000-plus daily commuters a familiar way to acquire digital currency. Nonetheless, as Mission Market Express was the first convenience store in California to accept Bitcoin, it was not unexpected that it would be hosting the first Bitcoin ATM as well.

According to ZenBox, the organization is introducing the alternative currency to a broader audience through its ATM and to further encourage adoption, the c-store will offer ARTIC customers ongoing discounts on Bitcoin purchases. Nonetheless, the new ZenBox ATM offers two-way functionality, which means users can use it to buy and sell Bitcoin.

Talking to media professionals, Timothy Curry of ZenBox regional operator ezCoinAccess says that the ATM’s location at ARTIC makes it accessible to customers both from Orange County and beyond. The decision was made after Mission Market’s owner Roland Foss heard that both and the Sacramento Kings began accepting Bitcoin.

Roland Foss says that he immediately saw the market opportunity for his business. Now, Bitcoin enthusiasts travel to Mission Market Express from over an hour away just to buy items with Bitcoin. Nonetheless, he hopes that his organization will benefit a lot from this as the locality has quite a large number of Bitcoin users.

Easy Access to Bitcoin Helps Bitcoin Supporters Use the Digital Currency

Currently, ZenBox has 18 ATM locations across the United States; thus, it is one of the largest networks of Bitcoin kiosks in the country. Though Bitcoin ATMs are still a novelty that most Bitcoin users do not have access to, they are an important tool to spread Bitcoin adoption. Also, they give cryptocurrency visibility in local communities as well as a “physical” presence.

A lot of Bitcoin installation companies often worry about the business and profitability; however, if they are located in strategic places, the opportunities to break even go higher. As the number of Bitcoin ATMs is increasing in the US, even Bitcoin users are willing to explore the digital currency as they can now get easy access.

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