Optimal Payments (OPAY) Offering Bitcoin as a Payment Option for Customers


Optimal Payments (OPAY) Offering Bitcoin as a Payment Option for Customers

How Optimal Payments (OPAY) could be left aside when most of the payment services providers are going for Bitcoin. Following the announcement of its bid to takeover payment processing rival Skrill, Optimal Payments (OPAY), the leading global provider of payment processing services, is now enabling customers to pay Bitcoin.

The company says that it has added the Bitcoin to its broad list of available payment options to help the customers have additional payment option. For the purpose, it has entered into an agreement with Bitcoin provider and payment processor BitPay Inc. The partnership between the two companies is expected to make transactions easy for the customers.

Nonetheless, OPAY’s e-wallet and online global payment processing arm NETELLER is now offering customers, including online gambling players, the payment option of using Bitcoin for their real money online payment transactions. The payment method entails exchanging a customer’s virtual Bitcoin currency into any of NETELLER’s numerous currency offerings.

According to the official sources from OPAY the processing method therefore lessens the risk of price volatility associated with the virtual money. Additionally, the Bitcoin payment method enables merchants, including online gambling facility operators, to accept a form of cryptocurrency that they can immediately convert into their preferred legal tender.

Nonetheless, the NETELLER website makes it clear that the Bitcoin deposit payment services for online gambling accounts are available in all countries except the US. It also informs that NETELLER users can link their prepaid Net+ MasterCard to their respective Neteller accounts, which include an option to use Bitcoin deposits in recharging the prepaid or debit card.

Saving Transaction Fees

Also, as most online gambling operators feature NETELLER’s services as one of their available deposit payment and withdrawal methods, the message from the company clears it further that almost all Internet-based online betting and gaming facilities can now accept Bitcoin payments. Thus, the thrust is to make it easy for the customers to pay Bitcoin.

The partnership with BitPay also means the customers would be able to save while paying. The agreement gives customers cost savings of up to five percent through the elimination of fees related to currency conversions and cash advances.

Nonetheless, as BitPay, Inc. asserts that in contrast to other payment options that necessitate manual data input to complete a payment transaction, the use of Bitcoin saves time especially when the service is rendered in more than a hundred countries across the globe.

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