OpenBazaar CEO Thinks They are Being Watched by Govt.

Meet the New President of Hemp Technologies Ltd — OB1 CEO Brian Hoffman has made a noteworthy speculation regarding their upcoming decentralized marketplace OpenBazaar.

As stated in his interview during the TWIS event, the lead developer believed that their development phase is being tracked by the law enforcement agencies. His response arrived while taking a few questions on the illegal nature of OpenBazaar. To this, Hoffman indirectly referred Feds as one of the agencies which, as he believes, are tracking the progress of their decentralized marketplace.

“We haven’t, obviously, been contacted by anybody yet, but as we found out today with the leaks from the Hacking Team thing — somewhere within that is some mention of us and their concern that we’re kind of the next wave of these types of [darknet] marketplaces. We do know we’re being watched — I’m sure — at some level.”

The reason why Feds — or any other law enforcement agency — might be looking into the said marketplace is its potential of being misused by criminals. To them, OpenBazaar might just be a Silk Road twin, a darknet marketplace that might trade everything from weapons to drugs, but without a central authority. In case such deals takes place on OpenBazaar, its developers will be legally excused for not taking part in them.

OpenBazaar developers, however, have never made any serious claim about maintaining its anonymity, and it could be possible for even them to break the perceived privacy upon government’s intervention. Hoffman diplomatically acknowledged such a scenario and commented:

“Making a claim of anonymity is really big. It’s a really big claim. I think you have to have a lot to back that up. Even a project that’s existed as long as Tor has and has the backing of the governments and everything — still there’s questions out there [as to] whether it’s not truly anonymous or it is. So, for a small project like us to claim that I think would be unreasonable. And so we don’t; we don’t try to claim that.”

The man will certainly avoid any reason that might trap him inside the government’s purview. A scandal is the last think Bitcoin markets are expecting in these growing moments.