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OneTwoTrade REVIEW

OneTwoTrade is one of the leading binary optionsbrokers. They have beenaround for several years now, while having a diverse client base. Traders can take advantage of bonuses on a regular bonus. The trading platform is web-based;while their website is clean cut Traders can utilize the video tutorials. This is can help you get started to trading with OneTwoTrade. Moreover, this broker prides itself in stating that they are unique in offering a 110% money back guarantee on a trader’s first trading session. Also, investorswillreceive their fullinvestment back in the scenario that their first 10 trades are not successful.

Company Information

Founded in:
London, UK
The Owner:
Up and Down Marketing LTD
+44 845 1287233
Minimum Deposit:
Minimum Trade Amount:
Maximum Per Trade:
Languages Available:
English, Russian, French, German, Portuguese and Italian.

Trading Platform

Traders will want to take advantage of the trading platform, as it is designed to be quick, and powerful. The trading area is unique, while the SSL encryption and special design to make the trading experience thatmuch more enjoyable. You will find the website quite user friendly. All data relating to transactions is secure 100% of the time. The video tutorialis a great feature which will enable you to get accustomed to trading with this broker.

Main Features

There are many important features which you may benefit from while trading with this binary options broker. This will help clientsmake high returns while trading the financial markets. The 60 Second Trading allows you to make up to 185% return oninitial investment. Traders may utilize the Rollover feature to delay the expiry time of the option. A client may sell their option before the initial expiry time by using the Buy Me Out feature.

You may purchase anoption in a variety of ways. Moreover, you mayalterthe terms once trading has been initiated. OneTwoTrade pridesitself in offering Buy Me Out, Rollover and Double Up features. This enables you to end a trade early, extend the trade period, or increase the investment level.You mayprotect your initialinvestment for up to a period of 30 days by paying a fee of £100. This risk free trading feature ensures thatyour initial deposit will be retuned back to you in the first30 days if your balance hits zero.

Customer Support

This brokers has a top gradecustomer support team. You maycontact them24 hours a day though live chat, hope or email. The team is well trained, while they also have much experience in the financial markets. You will find that the dedicate manageraspect of the customer service is very popular amongst traders. You will receive a dedicated manager once you sign up to OneTwoTrade. You may contact your personal manager with regards to question such as education and the money markets.


To conclude, OneTwoTrade is the only binary options broker which went out of its wayto get regulated with the LGA. This broker prides itself in offering traders regular bonuses to get started with trading. They are well-known for their customer service, which helps explain why OneTwoTrade is preferred by so manytraders.If you want to get started with binary options, visit OneTwoTrade today.