OmbuShop Partners With BitPagos to Provide Bitcoin Payment Option for its Merchants


OmbuShop Partners With BitPagos to Provide Bitcoin Payment Option for its Merchants

Founded in 2011, OmbuShop is a leading e-commerce website that caters to clothing and accessory merchants, has entered into a partnership with BitPagos to provide Bitcoin payment option in its online stores which would help them connect with 2,000 merchants globally. Though the company is based in Argentina, it also serves Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Spain.

BitPagos is a leading Bitcoin payment processor in Argentina and the new partnership with OmbuShop is going to further help the Bitcoin users buy their products paying in Bitcoin. In his statement to media CEO of OmbuShop Ernesto Tagwerker said that the initiative will help Argentina to connect with international clients throughout the globe.

He added that the latest decision on the part of his company will also facilitate in receiving payments from them without having to worry about currency conversion. The company believes that given the lack of payment gateways in the country and the fact that consumers are prohibited from using PayPal, OmbuShop clients will prefer Bitcoin transactions.

It is quite evident that since an amendment passed in 2012 by the Government Argentinian consumers are barred from using PayPal, a lot of them are facing trouble in doing international transactions and Bitcoin has become a major option for them. Now, the OmbuShop’s partnership with Argentina-based Bitcoin merchant processor BitPagos is going to be major respite.

The Decision made after a Lot of Thought

Being a company that is backed by Start-Up Chile, a Chilean government investment fund that has provided OmbuShop with $40,000 in funding, it is being trusted by its clients. According to the CEO of the company it is not treating Bitcoin as a novelty offering, and that it expects the new feature to be widely implemented by its customers in the coming months.

He believes that the decision which has been made after years of observing the digital currency and only recently decided to integrate the payment option due to the decisions of major US-based merchants, is going to payback its clients as the digital currency emerging as extremely popular payment option for international transactions.

Talking to media the CEO of the company, Tagwerker said that the decision was influenced by news about major players in the e-commerce industry, like WordPress and Dell, and by the current situation of the Argentine economy. Even if it is bandwagon effect, Bitcoin supporters welcome the decision from OmbuShop.

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