NYDFS Superintendent Benjamin Lawsky to Present his Views at Money 20/20 Conference


NYDFS Superintendent Benjamin Lawsky to Present his Views at Money 20/20 Conference

According to an announcement, New York State Department of Financial Services or NYDFS superintendent Benjamin Lawsky is going to deliver a keynote speech at Money20/20. This is the world’s largest event for payments and financial services innovation and attracts stalwarts from around the world to give their presentations.

According to the organizers of Money 20/20 say that the event will explore every aspect of how individuals and businesses manage, spend and borrow money as these are all undergoing a fundamental and transformational shift recently. The expert speakers are going to present their views on the way businesses are being transformed by the new technologies.

What is Money 20/20?

The official website of Money 20/20 says that the speakers are going to explore the factors that have been prompting changes in payments and financial services. According to them a lot has been due to disruptive innovations in commerce at the intersection of key macro trends that include mobile, retail, marketing services, data and technology.

The organizers of the event say that many companies select Money20/20 as the venue for noteworthy announcements, and to showcase their solutions against the backdrop of a high quality attendee profile at an opportune time of year. According to them Money20/20 attendees are going to benefit from rich and in-person interactions.

A lot of events take place in five days; for instance, it witnesses keynotes, panels, case studies, research, demos, exhibits and networking opportunities, etc. The part which is going to be played at the event by Lawsky will be focused on BitcoinWorld section and will be one of the star speakers on the subject of cryptocurrencies.

Benjamin Lawsky Has Emerged as a Leading Voice in Bitcoin Regulation

In their official announcement the organizers of Money20/20 say that they are big supporters of cryptocurrencies and their underlying distributed payment protocols and that is the reason they have invited Lawsky who recently came to news after he brought in specific guidelines to regulate the digital currency.

Lawsky has become a prominent figure in the world of Bitcoin regulation and considered one of the leading advocates who want to bring the digital currency into the fold of regulation. His organization the NYDFS announced it would hold hearings on Bitcoin and which were held earlier this year in January as well to come to some conclusion in the later part of the year.

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