NYC Bitcoin Fair to Start on June 15th

NYC Bitcoin Fair to Start on June 15th
NYC Bitcoin Fair to Start on June 15th

NYC Bitcoin Fair to Start on June 15th

Bitcoin users and supporters will have better experience in New York City now as beginning this summer they will have access to an outdoor Bitcoin fair i.e. the NYC Bitcoin Fair. The group responsible for organizing the event says that it starts on Sunday, June 15th. They are also planning to hold it every week.

In its official statement the organizing body says that it wants to be able to provide a free Bitcoin event for the masses without the prohibitive ticket prices which most similar conferences/events entail. The requirement for such events is being felt as they will help Bitcoin reach to a new section of people.

The organizers are making sure that it is open for all people as it says that a typical event usually have to charge high ticket prices due to the rental of the venue, however, they are taking a different approach i.e. using the space already exists. The extremely ambitious project is set to help Bitcoin reach to new people in NYC.

The organizers clear that with NYC Bitcoin Fair they want to create the first community driven weekly Bitcoin fair that appeals to large audiences across demographics. It is quite pertinent that any movement becomes successful when it gets popular participation and that is what the organizers aim with the fair as it will open gates for general public.


Physical Presence of Bitcoin Will Expand with NYC Bitcoin Fair

The event is also expected to encourage vendors to use Bitcoin as a form of payment and give the Bitcoin community a physical place to spend their Bitcoins thereby helping the digital currency reach to new section of business. The organizers also aim to brand Bitcoin in the media as a tangible form of payment that can be used easily and safely in person.

The organizers of NYC Bitcoin Fair say that they aim to use sponsorship funds to grow the Bitcoin community by educating newcomers/vendors and organizing social events to spur innovation. This is quite useful and pertinent point as according to them there are many companies that accept Bitcoin but only few local vendors selling food or local products for BTC.

As NYC Bitcoin Fair is actually takes place within an already existing fair, the Hester Street Fair, which runs on Saturdays and Sundays in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, there won’t be any need for additional set up and that will reduce the expenses to great extent.

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