NYC Bitcoin Center Uses Innovative Methods to Promote Bitcoin

NYC Bitcoin Center Uses Innovative Methods to Promote Bitcoin
NYC Bitcoin Center Uses Innovative Methods to Promote Bitcoin

NYC Bitcoin Center Uses Innovative Methods to Promote Bitcoin

Innovation is the fundamental premises around which the reputation of Bitcoin can be built, understanding the requirement, NYC Bitcoin Center which has emerged as Mecca for hip Bitcoin-related events, recently launched a contemporary art exhibition by Jenna Lush. The event attracted a large number of artistic people who showed their interest on Bitcoin.

According to the organizers at NYC Bitcoin Center the innovatively sponsored music festival, they have been able to attract more diverse demographic of Bitcoin followers than ever. For instance, they received contemporary pointillist painter Lash. She has an international following for her work.

She will be showcasing her Monetary Series collection in New York until September. The event provides her a platform that she can use to show her artwork which according to her is a visual conversation about the exchange and aesthetic of money. Adding class to the digital currency her artwork is contributing largely.

In a press statement she said that the highly-charged images of currency and how they represent personal values that become public values are the focus of this exhibit. Her work has gone well among Bitcoin supporters who are appreciating her work as it is generating significant waves in modern opinion of traditional currency and the structures surrounding it.

Innovative and Collective Wisdom is Important

The organizers of events at NYC Bitcoin Center believe that innovation and collective wisdom to explore potential in digital currency are two key important factors. Being a group for anyone interested in Bitcoin, NYC Bitcoin Center wells all skills levels that can help in promotion of Bitcoin so that it can reach to new people.


Members receive information about the latest meetings that are being scheduled.

According to Center founder Nick Spanos all members are excited about hosting the event wherein Lash and her husband who have been regular visitors in the past are again going to be part and help the digital currency reach to new people.

He says that his organization intends to give the exhibition of these paintings the attention, care, and seriousness that the works themselves demand. According to the event organizers the exhibition will be marked by a launch party tomorrow i.e. May 29.

Considering the huge success that events in past have seen, it is likely that this one will get huge footfalls. Once the event is over, the organizers will share the snapshots with the members as usual.

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