Nxtcoin Launches New Decentralized Email System


Nxtcoin Launches a New Decentralized Email System

ForexMinute.com – Amid times when an individual’s privacy is much private enough thanks to the ongoing surveillance programs led by developed economies, Nxtcoin – renowned as the next version of cryptocurrency – has come up with an email system that will prevent third parties from snooping into it. This new system is called CryptaMail – a secure, decentralized email that can only be accessed either by the sender or the receiver. Look further to know how:

The creators have used the much talked about Nxtcoin technology while developing CryptaMail. Thus, the messages here will be stored in the blockchain rather than some database, making sure that likewise that cryptocurrency transactions and the mails should also remain hidden from the onlookers. According to the information available on its official website, the CryptaMail is itself unable to snoop on its users, making their data completely anonymous and secure for any kind of malicious third party.


“NxtCoin does for email what Bitcoin has done for transactions; it makes them secure by placing the data they are made up of outside the control of any one central actor”, states an excerpt from the website. “NxtCoin is commonly described as a blockchain 2.0 technology because it allows us to do so much more with the technology that Bitcoin has successfully pioneered.”

The mailer is now live and accepting member. You can find more information here.

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