Nxt Updates its Client, Makes it More User-Friendly


Nxt Updates its Client, Makes it More User-Friendly

ForexMinute.com – Despite staying in the top ten market caps list for a long time, Nxt had its own share of technical complexities that has kept away many customers from buying or using it. Maybe that is why, the creators has now updated the Nxt client in order to appear less complex and more user-friendly.

Unlike the previous version, the new platform is easy to install and features an attractive and navigable user interface. While the most important changes Nxt has made is adding the number of decimal places. In its platform’s earlier version, users could only send transactions with up to two decimal places. But in the new updated version, customers can add up to decimal places in their transaction.


The Nxt coin was launched five months back and quickly climbed the ladder with its innovative marketing approach. The coin actually separated itself from the league of extraordinary cryptocurrencies. Its creators claimed that Nxt, unlike other altcoins like Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc., is not based on the source code of Bitcoin but has its own original code. It thus is trying to create an altogether different dimension for cryptocurrencies, which is not just here to compete with each other but also offer a certain innovation to the masses.

The major feature backing this new age digital coin is Proof of Stake functionality. Proof-of-Stake, or PoS, now a day is making quite a wave for being the best alternative to the Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work (PoW) functionality. The reason for such popularity is the former’s ability to save a vast amount of energy consumption during the mining process. Another feature that make PoS a greater alternative to PoW is that that it allows the coin’s miners to be the actual stakeholder.

The new announcement by Nxt, backed further with the growing acceptance of PoS, is certain to boost this innovative coin miles ahead of other altcoin. Although, it can never be predicted that it will surpass Bitcoin in near future, but its popularity is sure enough to get noticed in the near future.

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