Nxt.Org to Bring Advanced Level Nxt Software Version 1.5


Nxt.Org to Bring Advanced Level Nxt Software Version 1.5

In a press release, Nxt.Org says it will soon be launching Nxt software version 1.5 which according to it will have several rich features including of voting functionality, ability to use enhanced multisig account control, and improved data storage and transfer capabilities. Nonetheless, Nxt has reached a new milestone as the next generation Blockchain platform.

Nxt.Org says that Nxt is a radically enhanced cryptocurrency built from scratch and promises to deliver a unique and decentralized financial platform. Also, not only does it open up new possibilities from digital money to transfer of shares but it addresses all of the most serious deficiencies in existing cryptocurrencies as well.

Nevertheless, in very short span of time Nxt.Org has been able to deliver a multipurpose toolkit that can be used either directly from the NRS client software or incorporated into third party applications. Also, with account authorization via the issue of secure tokens, enhanced data transfer and storage, it has several rich features.

Some other features like voting, multisignature transactions and much, much more, make Nxt a developed and mature as well as complete next generation Blockchain system for business use. Needless to say Nxt is designed and built to be a modular system as it features several different transaction types, which can be used on their own or in combination.

Additionally, as the current feature set, after the version 1.5 implementation of Voting and Phasing (enhanced multisig/account control will include several rich features, the credibility will move north. For instance, it will help customers send transactions i.e. sending the NXT currency or tokens to accounts with ease.

Comprehensive Rich Features

Similarly, Nxt software version 1.5 will enable data transactions i.e. send and store up to 40 kb of data, get Colored Coins Transactions. They can also do Alias Creation Transactions i.e. enabling the assignment of strings, such as a DNS entry, to Nxt accounts. Additionally, Sales Transactions (create and manage digital sales via a native marketplace) are available with it.

Customers will also get Signature Transactions i.e. provide proof of account via single-use token authentication and Multisig Transactions as well as Custom Currencies Transactions (create customizable currencies on top of the Nxt Blockchain) when they are using Nxt software version 1.5 for better experience.

According to the company, Nxt software version 1.5 is the perfect tool for the creation of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

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