Nxt Beats Darkcoin, Becomes the Third Wealthiest Cryptocurrency by Market Cap


Nxt Beats Darkcoin, Becomes the Third Wealthiest Cryptocurrency by Market Cap

ForexMinute.com – In one of the most influential events in cryptocurrency markets, Nxt – the much hyped next-gen digital currency – has seen a massive surge in its market cap recently, under the effect of which it has become the third wealthiest cryptocurrency, replacing Darkcoin.

According to the sources, the jump in Nxt market cap, as well as value, is originated by the launch of its new asset exchange. The POS cryptocurrency was already withholding a reputable position among the top cryptocurrencies, and had occasionally beaten top coins like Ripple, Dogecoin, and Peercoin as well by showing signs of heavy investments and trade. But this particular surge has taken Nxt further leaps ahead of its competitors, especially Darkcoin which is currently competing neck-to-neck with Nxt for the third position.


For the meantime, Nxt seems to be a clear winner. The coin, after the launch of its asset exchange at around May 29th, has shown immense growth. It’s last known minimum market cap was recorded over $39m on the aforementioned date. This was also the time when most of the Darkcoin users said to have been exchanging their coin with other altcoins. We believe this was the same time during which Nxt saw a massive jump in its market cap and value. The coin kept on increasing, and is currently wearing the market cap worth over $58m.

The Quick Nxt Recap
Nxt was launched few months ago with a factor no other cryptocurrency have, that is a unique source code. While the most popular and successful altcoins we know today are nothing but a twisted version of Bitcoin, Nxt emerged as the only coin that broke the shackles of Bitcoin’s shadow and created its own path to beat this master of digital currencies.

Nxt offered what Bitcoin simply lacked, which is eco-friendly mining, more secure and fast thanks to transparent forging, and none the least its feature of 100% Proof of Stake. Although the coin had its own troubles, such as users finding it too complex because of it being too technical, but its talented team of developers quickly responded by updating its client and making it more user-friendly.

We simply believe that Nxt somewhat deserved a chance just for being a different version of digital currency let alone the better-than-Bitcoin hype. Now with the coin being on the top three market caps, there is hopefully a large quantity of investors and merchants looking towards circulating this next gen gem.

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  1. NXT is 100% premined and highly centralized. It wouldn’t take much to bring down the network…

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