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NRGbinary Review

NRG Capital (CY) Limited or NRGbinary was founded in 2012 to provide safe, secure as well as a user-friendly trading experience to traders and help them profit from trading. The internationally renowned private trading and investment company, NRGbinary brings sophisticated trading software which has long standing performance ratings. It has carved a niche for its transparent accounts and a statistics page for each trader who can select from a range of assets like Currencies, Commodities, Indices and Stocks.

Company Information

Founded in:
London, UK
The Owner:
NRG Capital Limited
+44 203 608 0111
Online form
Minimum Deposit:
Minimum Trade Amount:
Maximum PerTrade:
Languages available:
German, Italian, French, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, Japanese and English.

Trading Platform

NRG Binary offers five trading platforms e.g. One Touch Option, Binary Options, Option Builder, 60’ Sec, and NRG Mobile App. Here traders have a lot of options wherein they can access a selection of trading features e.g. the standard up/down options, Call Put method. Traders can try out the Pro Trading screen and the Open Platform which are being offered by this brokerage firm.
NRGbinary offers Binary Options, or Digital Options for traders of all levels wherein they can get a lot of benefits e.g. managed risk and use hedging strategies. The brokerage firm offers a mobile application for those who prefer trading on the go, anytime, anywhere via their mobile phone. Thus, with NRGbinary traders have higher mobility which helps professionals trade while on the go.

Main Features

NRGbinary makes it simple for traders to open a trading account, as they just need to follow the simple instructions. When traders click ‘Open Account’, this takes them to a video which tells traders about the trading platform, and how to open an account. They can also view breaking news clips to know about various financial topics.
Apart from an easy registration process, this brokerage firm also brings higher returns of up to 70 – 85% to traders if the option is in-the-money and 10% refund on out-of-the-money positions. The brokerage firm also claims to offer returns of up to 550%, the highest in the industry. This is made available for those who open an account with the One Touch platform, obviously there are involved risks.

Promotion and Bonus

Providing 100% web based trading services, NRGbinary does not require traders to download software or have prior trading experience. Additionally, with its user-friendly trading environment, and clear settlement of traders’ transactions, NRGbinary is a preferred option for traders. A major advantage with NRGbinary is that it offers special features such as 10% of the invested amount being paid back even if a trader’s option expired out of the money.

Affiliate Program

NRGbinary provides an attractive affiliate program; there are two models CPA and Revenue Share. Depending upon the requirement clients can opt for any of the two. Whether CPA or Revenue Share both programs are designed to maximize the benefit of the affiliate program for the client companies. Apart from CPA and revenue share, there is also a provision for Hybrid which generate profits for clients.

Customer Support

NRGbinary has excellent a customer support system wherein it provides services in various languages including English, German, Japanese, Italian and French. The brokerage firm states that they will add more languages in the future as demand increases. Providing a very prompt and extremely responsive customer service with the help of NRG staff, the brokerage firm has telephone, e-mail, online chat and even via Skype support.

Ultimate Review

Traders who wish to make money investing in a vast array of tradable assets; NRGbinary is a one-stop brokerage firm. It not only has a professionally designed platform with various trading options, but also provides a reliable customer support network which is a need of the hour. Nonetheless, providing a user-friendly, dynamic and safe environment for customers to trade, this brokerage firm with its up to 550% returns is a force to be reckoned with.