NRGbinary Brings Four Types of Trading Accounts for Traders

NRGbinary Brings Four Types of Trading Accounts for Traders
NRGbinary Brings Four Types of Trading Accounts for Traders

NRGbinary Brings Four Types of Trading Accounts for Traders

When traders are given various options with respect to trading accounts, they prefer the broker because each trader has specific requirements and there must be a choice for him. Understanding the requirement, NRGbinary offers a variety of account types to suit all traders. Thus, depending upon their specific requirement, traders can choose the one that suits them.

A source from NRGbinary says that even if some trader has no experience trading, and is just beginning to learn the ins and outs of binary options trading, the brokerage firm helps him get started on his road to maximum profits. Similarly, for experienced traders, this brokerage firm brings attractive account benefits as well.

All Four Account Types Cater to a Specific Category of Traders

The first trading account that comes from NRGbinary is the one that is for starters; its name is, Micro Trading Account. The broker says that if someone is starting out in the binary options world and wants to reduce risk exposure while he learns about the exciting world of trading, this option is the one that should be chosen.


The second trading account type is, ‘Standard Trading Account’ wherein traders who have already learned the basics and are ready for a successful trading career can open it and look for better returns. Here traders receive some special benefits that are not available to the Micro account holders. For instance, they get daily signals and more for competitive trading with it.

The third option is, ‘Premium Trading Account’ which is being made available by NRGbinary for the experienced traders. It is meant to help professional investment makers and comes with a number of unique features like one-on-one trading sessions with experienced professional trading coaches that help in making informed decisions.

Last but not the least, the fourth type of trading account is ‘VIP Trading Account’ wherein traders receive all the benefits of a Standard and Premium Account. There are some additional features and benefits like personalized account assistance, upgraded investment advisement and much more available for traders in this type of account.

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