Now Trade Using Bitcoin in Las Vegas Casinos

Now Trade Using Bitcoin in Las Vegas Casinos
Now Trade Using Bitcoin in Las Vegas Casinos

Now Trade Using Bitcoin in Las Vegas Casinos

Several casinos in Las Vegas are now accepting Bitcoin. According to a report several of Las Vegas based casinos are getting one more novelty as they are going to accept the digital currency starting this week. Now, casino patrons can pay Bitcoin for rooms, food and drinks at two downtown casinos.

Though currently, only two casinos e.g. the D casino and the city’s oldest casino, the Golden Gate, have states that they are going to entertain Bitcoin, it is expected that several other casinos will fall in the line. The two mentioned casinos have made it clear that they will accept Bitcoins at hotel front desks beginning Wednesday.

According to Derek Stevens, the co-owner of the two casinos, Bitcoin has intrigued him to a great extent and when he talked to patrons they also liked the idea and that is why this idea came. He expects that soon several other casinos in the city may start accepting Bitcoin as it will give additional options to patrons who would prefer to get another place to spend their Bitcoin.

Though it is not clear how many of his patrons will be paying in Bitcoin, he is confident that it will give impetus to Bitcoin users and give them a lot of liberty to pay even in Bitcoin. He is extremely excited about Bitcoin and the latest development and becoming the first of its kind in Las Vegas to bring in such a service.


Bitcoin Will Still be Not Used for Gambling

Nevertheless, Bitcoin will also be accepted at the D’s gift shop and two restaurants in the city; thus, a whole lot of new entities are going to accept Bitcoin now and it is expected to give a big boost to the digital currency. A major flaw, however, still remains is that U.S. dollars will be the only currency accepted on the gambling floor. This must change for the better.

However, as the major challenge still that casinos face is that players won’t be able to exchange Bitcoin to chips as State regulators are unlikely to allow any such thing. Additionally, there have not been measures regarding the reaching out to regulators about approving the currency for gambling by the casinos.

Several casino owners are though expected to take the initiative and this can be just a beginning in that regard. The initiative by the two casinos will boost the confidence among customers and according to some sources it would be an extremely high level development that would help Bitcoin and customers come along.

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