Now Spend Altcoins Where Bitcoin Is Accepted


Now Spend Altcoins Where Bitcoin Is Accepted – Where there is a will, there is a “highway”. A new platform, created supposedly to boost altcoins’ acceptability around the globe, was recently launched; but with an innovative twist. Dubbed as Coin Gateway, this platform enables few altcoins to be transacted at places where Bitcoins are accepted. These altcoins are Litecoin, Dogecoin and Cloakcoin.


What further adds medals to this impeccable idea is the simplicity it offers to its users. One only needs to, first, enter the recipient Bitcoin address along with the amount (in BTC) required to transact; second, choose the coin (DOGE, LTC, CLOAK); and last, click on Pay. The amount will be transferred within 10 seconds of your click. It’s that simple!

Coin Gateway comes at a time when altcoins’ trading volume is depleting constantly. Not only it has potential to add flexibilities to businesses that are already accepting Bitcoins, but it also favors a successfully tried-and-tested method of international debit/credit cards through which users can pay in multiple currencies using one platform, mainly VISA, MasterCard etc.

Cryptocurrency users have also welcomed this method with open arms. Some among them have praised the concept for uniting a scattered market, which has forgotten the original purpose of digital currencies while focusing on competition. Users further have started to use these services. Our team visited the Coin Gateway’s transaction page, and saw multiple successful transactions in Doge, LTC and Cloak. No report of errors have been surfaced yet and it seems like the platform is functioning smoothly in its beta phase.

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