Now PureVPN Accepting Bitcoin for Its Services

Now PureVPN Accepting Bitcoin for Its Services
Now PureVPN Accepting Bitcoin for Its Services

Now PureVPN Accepting Bitcoin for Its Services

Bitcoin seems to be getting wide acceptance after restaurants, bars, taxis, café houses, now VPN services provider PureVPN has started accepting them in return for their services. Best thing that came out of this development is that it is a mingling of the two entities that give profound importance to anonymity.

Like Bitcoin where almost all transactions are anonymous, in case of VPN also all the transactions are kept anonymous for the sake of security and privacy of their customers. The decision on the part of PureVPN will help customers from around the world pay in Bitcoin when they are hiring PureVPN which provides PPTP, L2TP and SSTP VPN services.

The latest decision on the part of the company will add value to the customers who wish to pay in Bitcoin and hire VPN services which are fast becoming important as with them a reasonable amount of privacy and security to Internet usage can be assured. All those who participate in IRC chat rooms, online games, etc. will definitely love this.

Bitcoin Will Help Customers Protect Their Privacy 

Experts claim that when customers buy VPN services from the services provider, their identity is not protected from the latter i.e. the VPN services provider has all the information that a customer provides while paying. However, with Bitcoin it would not be possible as it is an anonymous digital currency.

There has been a great requirement for such anonymous transactions that helps customers pay and remain anonymous even from the services provider. Nonetheless, Bitcoin will also help PureVPN fulfill its promise to its customers that it provides complete anonymity as with it; it will respect their privacy and security to a great extent.


PureVPN which assigns each customer’s computer a New IP of US, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, Singapore, Romania, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Russia, Sweden, Australia, Turkey, France and Panama, helps them avoid harassment by the people tracking their IP address.

Thus, it seems a great development when the two entities are coming together to serve their customers and protect their privacy and online security. The anonymity seeking customers would definitely love to pay in Bitcoin at PureVPN. The entire process will be anonymous for such customers.

PureVPN’s services to the customers who are looking for new U.S., U.K. and Canada based IP addresses have become popular; now, with the latest decision to accept Bitcoin will further help all customers looking for anonymity while paying.